manutenWe are able to offer maintenance service on existing masts, to grant the safety and the regular  mechanical/electrical operation of the structures.

The service is proposed to  observe the safety standard which imposes duties and civil responsibility to the owners and/or managers of the systems.
Staff qualified in electric and mechanic interventions, equipped with devices, instruments and spare parts, is able to carry our completed interventions in a short time all over the domestic area 

The staff in charge of the maintenance is composed of technicians with high specific technical competence and experience in this field.

Depending on the year of construction of the structures, we propose:
- planned regular maintenance;
- Special maintenance;
- customised maintenance according to the customer’s need .

In order to check the structural parte suitable methods of investigation may be assumed such as, for instance:
- video-endoscopic analysis to check the inside areas of the shaft or not visible areas;
- Magnetic exam with ultrasound to check the welding in the area subject to bigger stress;
- checking of small areas in order to verify the real conditions of the investigated structural elements  (steel, concrete);
- verification of carbonation depth of the concrete elements in order to check the decay level;

The instruments operated by qualified technicians, grants to the customers a clear and  exhaustive result on the obtained data.

At the end of the verification we it is possible to provide for instance:
- certificate of structural suitability referred to the mast and to the concrete foundation;
- Technical report of the structural verification;
- manual of maintenance

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