DM 14/01/2008

The MInistry decree  dated January 14th  2008, known as  “Unified law for constructions” defines as processing centre a structure which receives steel raw material (plates, tubes, profiles, ecc.) et manufactures structural elements to be employed ready to be put into service.
With the coming into force of this law, in order to carry out supplies, a company must :
- be certified according to ISO9001, certified by a third party
- In case of welded structures, it must have a a quality checking system according to EN3834, certified by a third party 
-  appoint a  technical manager who supervises the works process and the checking on the material 
- to obtain the authorisation from the Central Technical Service  to carry out the processing centre activity 
- receive and works on origin qualified material 

It is obvious that the obtained certificate represents a guarantee about the reliability of the company.

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