EN 1090

According to the European directive  UE  305/2011 covering the structural products, all steel works put into the market must be CE certified according to EN 1090.
A self-declaration is not enough ; It is necessary in fact to obtain an authorization from a notified body, authorized by the Competent Ministry, which after inspections on the design and production methods gives the conformity to the standard; Through periodic inspections it verifies that the conformity to the standard is maintained and he has the possibility to withdraw the authorization.
The CE mark grants design and construction in strict compliance with the standard in force; to this mark correspond traceability and responsibility of the manufacturer and also performances and durability characteristics of the products.
Pali Campion srl, is among the first firms of the filed which obtain the CE mark and it had no problem to comply with the requirements.
The adopted system turn out to be suitable and they confirmed once again, that the programs and actions we activated in our organization lead our firm to work complying with quality standard internationally recognized

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